Impact. A new breed of business.


And so it begins.

This website is dedicated to the topic of sustainability in business.

That actually sounds kinda boring, right? But really, this is about a shift in our culture that’s emerging. A slight crack has appeared, and now the light is getting in. And the light has revealed that for generations, humans have not been kind to our planet.

But be warned, this won’t be a place that preaches overly idealistic, warm and fuzzy attitudes about saving the planet. No, the goal is to cut through the bullshit and provide resources, tools and ideas that help people make better choices. It’s as simple as that.

And one key way to achieve this is to look for examples of good within our communities. Which circles back to the topic – sustainability in business. The concept of Impact Organisations.

Impact Organisations are for-profit organisations that create products or services with the intention of making a financial return, but are values-led and purpose driven. This means they are upholding a responsibility. A responsibility of using their resources to address social and environmental problems, whilst making every effort to reduce their carbon footprint and leave a positive impact on their communities.

In that sense, Impact Organisations are very different to regular businesses. Unfortunately, there are still many companies that are degrading our environment, contributing to the loss of biodiversity and trashing our home all in the interest of shareholder value.

That’s not the future. The future will exist where businesses place a balance of value on profit and planet.

This blog aims to inspire people to make conscious decisions, to get engaged, vote with their wallets and demand better.


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